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My friend went to get her cartilage pierced at a shop called bedazzled. Before she went, I specifically advised her to get it done with a needle, not a gun, and recommended a reputable shop. Unfortunately, she didn’t listen. This shop gives free piercings with purchase of earrings, which cost about $60. (You could get a piercing done with a needle, and a titanium stud for $50 at the shop I recommended)

I went to check out the shop that she had went to a few weeks afterwards, and was shocked. They advertised “free, painless, sterile piercings with purchase of earring”.

As seen above, it is basically a stapler using the earring as the needle (blunt!). They did not offer needle piercings. I asked whether they wore gloves during the procedure, and was told “No! Why would we need to wear that? Everything is sterile”

I asked the woman how she disposed of the cartridges after piercing, and she showed me a drawer with HUNDREDS of used cartridges (which could have tissue/blood on them, not sterilized, all checked together) and picked one up with her bare hands! (breeding ground for bacteria) Those same bare hands which she soon pierced another customer. Ugh.

Another moment:

"May I see your autoclave please?"

"What’s that?"


People don’t believe me when I say Claire’s is bad